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Discover Your Parenting Style

Are you a “My Way,” “Your Way,” or “Our Way” parent?

“My Way” parents tend to keep control. They are often the parents of young children. Depending on your cultural background you may favor “My Way” parenting for the better part of your child’s growing up.

“Your Way” parents give a great deal of decision-making power to their children. Often “Your Way” parents have older children, perhaps well into their teens. In some cultures children have more say in decisions that affect them than do children in others.

“Our Way” parents share decision-making with their children. Some “Our Way” parents begin sharing decision-making, allowing their children more and more say, more and more choices as they grow older and more mature. Certainly, “Our Way” parenting is quite common among parents of older teens and adults. Generally, certainly in North America, even adult children consult with parents about major decisions even though they have the legal right to decide totally for themselves.

Would you like to know your parenting style? Knowing the parenting style you favor and comparing it to the parenting style you actually use can be quite informative. The closer your preferred style and your actual style, the more congruent, predictable, and consistent you will be. When you are predictable, consistent, and congruent, your children feel safer. When children feel safe because their environment is predictable, they can focus more on learning to be responsible, independent, adults than they do trying to figure out what is predictable.

Discovering Your Parenting Style

Learn whether your preferred parenting style matches your actual parenting style. Then decide if you want to make changes in your parenting so that you will be a consistent, predictable parent and your children will feel safe to explore their environment and to stretch themselves as they become responsibly, independent adults.

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How to Connect Better With Your Kids

How would you like to relate more effectively with your children? What parent wouldn’t? This book comes:

“Highly recommended!” – says The Parent Council ®

Positive communication is the key to friendly, trusting, and caring relationships between parents and children. This book offers you 12 easy-to-learn, time-tested communication skills. These practical and useful skills will help you improve relations with your children and bring harmony to your home.

Select the parenting style that works best for you: My Way, Your Way, or Our Way (permissive, authoritative, laissez-faire) or anything in between. With these skills, you will become a more effective parent using your own parenting styles and values.

12 Communication Skills of Effective Parenting presented in an accessible, straight-forward manner, with plenty of examples, sample conversations, and practice. You can put to immediate use such skills as:

  • Tell Me What’s On Your Mind: A skill to understand more about what your child is thinking.
  • Catch Them Doing It Right: A skill that finds and encourages qualities in which your children take pride.
  • Solve the Problem: A skill that empowers your children to work with you to solve problems and make decisions.

Encourage your children to:

  • Speak openly.
  • Make good decisions.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Increase responsibility.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the consequences of their behavior.

Who should read the book?

  • Parents and grandparents.
  • Aunts, uncles, and cousins.
  • Foster parents.
  • Teachers and Guidance Counselors.
  • Tutors. Family court mediators.
  • Child-care providers.
  • Camp counselors.
  • Mentors.
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
  • Coaches.
  • Youth workers.
  • Anyone who works with or lives with children!

Tell your organization about Gary’s book for:

  • Parenting workshops.
  • Parent-teacher conferences.
  • Family life and life-skills classes.
  • Classes for teen parents.
  • PTA-sponsored events.
  • Gifts to parents.
  • High school parenting classes.
  • Prizes.

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“Highly recommended!” – says The Parent Council ®

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