To What End Education? Part II

Who Are Our Heroes? Even if you are not a sports fan, you have to give sportscasters credit for their creative use of language. They have more ways of saying “nothing” than any other media types: “zero”, “zip”, “nada”, “nil”, “zilch”, “nix”, “donut” “goose egg”, “naught”, “blank,” “cipher”, “love”, “shutout”, “scratch”, among others. These are […]

To What End Education? Part I

The wealth of literature dealing with changes in education since WW II notwithstanding, little in schooling is different now compared to the early post-war years. Little has changed in education save the means. The ends are essentially the same. If we define educational change as alterations in curriculum, pedagogy, or the technology of education that […]

Chunk Your Way to Success

We all feel overwhelmed at one time or another. We may even get angry at what appear to be insurmountable tasks ahead of us. Sometimes we just keep putting them off altogether. Their shear size overwhelms us. Be overwhelmed no more. Here is a depressurizing strategy that will help you get that job done and […]

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