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This course will liberate you! Pressing Your Own Buttons: Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t!TM will help you gain a fuller understanding of yourself and others. What is more, you will be freer to act and to take control of all your relationships. By the time you finish this course you will be the person you want to be.

The behavior of others affects us. Whatever they say, do, or even how they look causes some kind of response in us. Usually our responses are positive. They enrich our communication and interpersonal relationships. They help us get along with others.

Unfortunately, sometimes our responses are not helpful. They interfere with our relationships. Sometimes what other say, do, or how they look causes us to tense up, try to avoid them, or even compel us to try to change them. When we do this automatically—impulsively—they take control of we lose control and they take control of us!

Wouldn’t you want to feel free to act as you choose? Yet, like so many others, from time to time we avoid people that make us feel uncomfortable, we feel tense around people who do or say things that we don’t like, or we get angry. Each time we do we give over control of our lives to those who “make” us feel uncomfortable in some way. In effect, we give control of our lives over to them whenever we respond impulsively to what they say, do, or how they look.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be able to explain the meaning of social stimuli.
  • Be able to identify which social stimuli are your most troublesome.
  • Understand the difference between observations, inferences, and evaluations as well as how important that understanding is to you personally.
  • Know how to effectively use the PICS 7 Steps to Personal Freedom™.
  • Be able to explain to others the difference between external and internal stimuli.
  • Be able to respond rationally to your own “button pressers”.”
  • Know how to “take control of your life so others don’t!™
  • Understand and know how to apply the PICS Seven Steps to Personal Freedom™.

*PICS = Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills 

Course Description

Pressing Your Own Buttons: Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t!™consists of 9 lessons. Each lesson takes you one step closer to freedom to be all you choose to be. Lesson by lesson you will learn to master your interpersonal coping skills as you have never done before. By the time you complete all 9 lessons you will know how to “take control of your life so others don’t!”™ You will also be able to help others do the same. The skills in each lesson are easy-to-learn, practical, and liberating.

In this course you will learn:
  • How the behavior of others affects you.
  • How certain behaviors came to affect you the way they do.
  • How you learned to respond as you do.
  • How to change your feelings about other people’s behavior.
  • How to change your evaluations of those behaviors
  • How to reinterpret those social stimuli.
  • To be freer and more able to deal with others.
  • To understand “feelings” in a whole new way.
  • How to be more comfortable speaking in public
  • To manage your anger and better handle the anger in others.
  • To be more comfortable when you feel ignored.
  • Change your feelings about being ignored.
  • To be comfortable with the affection of others toward you and you toward them.
  • How to manage your sadness and the sadness of others.
  • To cool your “hot buttons” and take control of your relationship to others.
  • How to help others as this course will help you.
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Course Materials

Press Your Own Buttons Manual Pressing Your Own Buttons Programmed Workbook. The Pressing Your Own Buttons Audio-Video Presentation for that Module.

Course Content

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