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Gary Screaton Page Knows People!

The Laser Thinking Guy!™

Staff Development, Personal Development, Career Planning, and Leadership Skills

Gary Screaton Page knows people! An award-winning author, educator, and entrepreneur, Garywill help build you and your team for excellence. Grown from four decades of working with people of all ages, his dynamic presentation style and sense of humor transform audiences. Gary Screaton Page was a speaker for the Enlightened Millionaire Program of best-selling authors Mark Victor Hansen (co-author Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Robert Allan (Multiple Streams of Internet Income). Interviewed on Canada A.M. and heard over 400 radio stations throughout the world–whenGary speaks, people listen!


Pressing Your Own Buttons™

Free the winner within you. Learn how to stop others from pressing your “hot buttons.” Take charge of your life so others don’t.

Minding the Business That’s You™

Shows you why thinking of yourself as a business is the key to building a satisfying and financially rewarding career. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else you are a business!

Adversity: Setback or Opportunity?™

“Even the most challenging situation is an opportunity in disguise,” says Gary Screaton Page. Drawing on his own life story, and those f hundreds of others with whom he has worked, Gary shows you how adversity builds character and opens the door to unlimited opportunities. Entertaining and thought-provoking. Learn to plan your career for the Free-Agent Nation of the 21st Century.

12 Communication Skills for Effective Leadership™

Discover your personal leadership style. Learn to make it work for you! Gary shows those who lead others, 12 easy-to-learn skills that open communications with subordinates, peers, and clients. Learn what they are really thinking. Overcome their resistances to your ideas. Help them solve problems and make sound decisions.

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