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Gary Screaton Page, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Author of

 Being the Parent YOU Want to Be: 12 Communication Skills for Effective Parenting ™

Easy Ways for Getting A’s: a Success Guide for Students™

Pressing Your Own Buttons: How to Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t ™

The PICS™ Counseling System: Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills

Laser Thinking: How to Unleash The Power of Focus ™

How to Become a Laser-Thinking Master ™

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  • Being the Parent God Wants You to Be 
  • Discovering Your Parenting Style 
  • Child Management: How to Set Rules Kids Will Follow 
  • Teaching Morality – Whose and How? 
  • How to Improve Discipline in Schools – An Approach That Works! 
  • Entrepreneurship for Kids: 12 Businesses Kids Can Run 
  • Organ Donation the Gift from God: Been There Done That!
  • How to Make Your Passion Your Business 
  • What They Don’t Teach Your Kids Can Hurt Them!

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