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Helping children face their fears

Not since WW II, have children been so fearful. The events of Sept. 11 have made children aware of how vulnerable they can be. Helping their children feel safe is a great challenge to parents today. As long as children are afraid, they are unable to learn what they need to learn to be fully functional adults. Gary Page shows parents how to create safe environments for children through rules and routines that enable children to flourish in troubled times.


How to Improve Discipline in Schools – An Approach that Works!

Teaching children to be responsibly independent is no longer enough. They must learn to be responsibly interdependent. Gary Page teaches 12 easy-to-learn communication skills that help you discover what your kids are really thinking, overcome their objections to your guidance, and enable you to them solve problems and make decisions.        Learn how to create rules that children will follow, set limits that allow children to grow, and teach routines that will make children safe yet free them to reach their potentials.


Pressing Your Own Buttons: How Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t! TM

Have you ever had to deal with difficult people? Other people affect us by what they say, do, and even by how they look. Whenever others can press our “hot buttons,” we give them permission to take charge of our lives. To be truly free, we must know what our “hot buttons” are, learn to cool them, and then shut them off altogether. Learn to identify your personal “hot buttons.” Learn the seven easy steps for turning them off. Here is a simple, yet powerful approach to taking control of your life so others don’t. Soon, you’ll be pressing your own buttons!


Minding the Business That’s You: Career Planning for the Free-Agent Nation

Over 25% of North Americans are contract workers. In some areas, more than 60% of us work on short-term contracts. It’s time we prepared our kids and ourselves for work in the 21st Century. We must manage our careers like businesses. Drawing from four decades of career counseling, and business experiences, Gary Screaton Page shows you how to plan your career for the Free-Agent Nation. Learn howGary taught even primary-aged children to start and run small businesses.


Between Friends

“Oh, yes,” writes George Gamester in his “Gamester’s People” column of the Toronto Star. “There are differences in the families. But these differences are celebrated as opportunities for enrichment and togetherness.” Hear the story of how two friends – one Jewish, the other Christian — shared the gift of life. Learn how they exchanged a heart for a kidney.

Understanding among different cultural groups is more important than ever. This timely story proves that acceptance is not agreement, and shows how to build bridges and tear down walls between people. Here is much more than just another organ donor story. “Between Friends” is a message of acceptance and love in a world full of mistrust, hatred, and violence. Everyone should hear it.


What They Don’t Teach Your Kids Can Hurt Them—And Us!

What our children learn in school is important. What they don’t learn is even more so. We do a good job of teaching the “3 R’s” but a mighty poor job of teaching children some of the most important lessons they need in life. What we fail to teach our kids can hurt them – even cost them their lives!


The “Mean” – ing of Childhood


(Oxford) a. 1. Not generous.  2. Ignoble; small-minded.  3. (of a person’s capacity, understanding, etc.) inferior; poor.  4. Malicious; ill-tempered.  5. Vicious or aggressive.  6. (colloquial) ashamed.

(Roget’s) a.  1. NASTY, unpleasant, obnoxious, cruel, vicious, hurtful, rude, malicious, rotten, rough, sour, unkind, contemptible, hostile, insulting, petty, ignoble, spiteful, brutal.  2. STINGY miserly, cheap, penny-pinching, ungenerous, tight, parsimonious, grudging.  3. POOR shabby, low, second-rate, humble, modest, squalid, paltry, mediocre, menial, small.

In the wake of September 11, and with increasing violence on our streets, what’s happening to our kids? “Many are getting meaner,” says Gary Screaton Page. “Our children are learning to be mean. Not only are they increasingly violent, they are more self-centered and adrift in a world of situational ethics: ‘If it feels right, do it!’

What do children really learn from video games? What is the true impact of television? How does seeing parents behaving as hooligans at sports events really affect our kids? What’s to become of a generation of children who watch more hours of television per week than they spend in face-to-face contact with parents? Can we put the quality back into family life?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes.” Let Gary Screaton Page show you how!


Gary Screaton Page and his team offer constructive alternatives for raising a nation of children to be responsibly interdependent adults.

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Gary Screaton Page, M.Ed., Ph.D.

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