I’m fine! How are you?

the laser thinking guyI mean, right now, how are you feeling? I have a free CD, eBook, and Newsletter for you at the end of this page. First let me ask . . .

Are you feeling:

  1. Tired?
  2. That something isn’t right?
  3. Your plans aren’t working out?
  4. Angry?
  5. Self-Conscious or shy?
  6. Disappointed?
  7. Tired of being bossed around?
  8. You’re coming “unglued”?
  9. That no one cares?
  10. Unappreciated?
  11. There isn’t a God?
  12. Life’s not worth it anymore?

I can help you manage your:

  • Work and Career
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Spiritual Life

My Story

I Spent 7 Years (yes, 7 years) in High School Before I Learned the Keys to Happy and Successful Living!

Can you imaging spending 7 years in high school? That is just what I did! At the time, out of more than 1500 students in my high school I was one of only two so-called “7-Year Men.” At the time, in Canada, high school was a five-year process. So, even in Canada I spent two years longer in high school than was normal.

I’m sure that few, if any of my teachers, ever thought I would amount to much. In fact, the Head of Guidance for my high school told me, “Why don’t you quit? You’re just wasting your time.”

I didn’t quit and later proved her wrong!

Actually, I wasn’t “wasting” my time, I was biding my time. I was going through a long period of depression that few knew about, including my family. I would have quit school except I didn’t know what to do with myself. I knew I didn’t want to follow in my father’s footsteps like my eldest brother, although he was a great Dad and I had a super big brother. I simply wasn’t interested in construction. I didn’t want a career in retail either even though a close friend of my parents offered to train me to take over from him as head of the music department of a major department store chain where I was already having a degree of success. And, I didn’t want anything to do with the auto industry in which my other brothers had found their niche.

To put it bluntly, I was lost, confused, and had little motivation to do well in school. I did just enough to hang in.

When I finally did finish and had to choose what to do next, I opted–for all the wrong reasons–to go to college where I learned to do what was to be the major part of my career. I applied to Teachers’ College because many of my friends were going, it was close to home, was only for one year at that time, they paid my tuition, and, if you had a heartbeat you could get a teaching job somewhere in Ontario even if it was in the Barrens of the far north.

There everything changed! I was assigned my first practice-teaching class. It was a group of grade 1 pupils and my job was to teach them the letter C. It was the first lesson I ever taught and, ironically, I got a “C” for it. Even so, I was so taken with the children’s desire to learn and had so much fun interacting with the youngsters that I knew then and there that teaching was the career for me!

I also knew that if I was to get anywhere I’d have to become a serious student: something I had never been. And a student I became! That year changed my life. I gained a thirst for learning and became a very successful, award-winning teacher. I went on to earn a Master’s degree in education and a Ph.D. in counselling. Ironically, at the terminus of my career I was myself the Head of Guidance in a High School. Be sure, I never told any student “you’re just wasting your time.”

Now I’m an ordained minister, entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker. Unlike the 7-Year Man I used to be, I’m an award-winning scholar. I’ve written five books, consulted and written for television, was Contributing Editor of a professional teaching magazine, was a College Professor, university teacher, and have earned a six-figure income. What is more, I have completed one or more professional courses every year of my life since leaving high school and stood first in my Ph.D. graduation class. In fact I now have two Ph.D.s — one earned and one Honorary, both in counselling.

Oh, yes and I was a speaker for the Enlightened Millionaire Program of Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame). While working for him, I learned a wealth of practical skills from some of the most recognized speakers in America. People like Jack Canfield, Janet and Chris Attwood, John Childers, Chief Denny, Marshall Sylver, Tom Painter, literary agent Gillian Manus, and many, many more including, of course, Mark Victor Hansen himself. I even saw the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had since I began teaching: to build a retreat center for training young people to be the leaders of tomorrow. You can check out what our team has done at www.jerichohouse.com.

I’ve retired from full-time ministry and from teaching. Now I have a private practice as a Counseling Therapist and Life-Coach. Clearly, I have learned how to succeed. You can, too. And, I’d like to show you how. Let me teach you what I have learned about how to turn your life around. I did it and so can you!

Let Me Show You How To:

Be The Parent You Want To BeBeing the Parent YOU Want to B PDF Format April 21 Front Cover

  • No-more-tears child management™.
  • 12 Communication skills for effective parenting.

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Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t! ™Web Site Cover May 26 2014

With My Pressing Your Own Buttons™ Counseling System to Overcome Problems With:

Interpersonal coping skills like:

  • Anger management
  • Speaking in public or shyness.
  • Being told what to do.
  • Handling affection or being intimate.
  • Feeling left out or being ignored.

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Succeed in High School, College, or UniversityCover October 2012 small

Even if you have failed before!

Do better at math, science, English

  • Do the things that make the biggest difference
  • Find short cuts, memory boosters, new strategies
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Many, many links to additional resources
  • Succeed where you failed before
  • There is an easier way to get an A!   

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Improve Your Situation With Individual Life-Coaching, Online Counseling, or Family Theapy Counseling:Help is Just a Click Away Logo

  • Confidential, private, encrypted e-mail service.
  • Access 24/7.
  • Short wait time.
  • From the privacy of your own home.
  • At a time convenient for you.
  • No need to take time off work.
  • No need to travel.
  • Short-term.
  • Lower cost than most face-to-face counseling.
  • No need to be seen going into a counselor’s office.
  • For those who are comfortable with computers and email messaging.

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Why choose me?


  • Over 30 years counseling experience helping people of all ages from many different walks of life.
  • Ordained Minister.
  • Certified Life Coach.
  • Taught all levels from Gr. 1 through 12.
  • College Professor (Psychology).
  • University instructor (Essay Writing).
  • Professional Development Instructor for Teachers.
  • High School Guidance Head.
  • Consultant for CHEX-TV’s Silver Basketball children’s show.


  • M.Ed. (sociology of education).
  • Ph.D. (counseling).
  • Counseling Therapist


  • Life Coaching..
  • Clinical Pastoral Counselor.
  • Christian Marriage Counseling.
  • Christian Pastoral Counselor in Social Work.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  • Conversational Hypnosis.
  • Guidance Specialist.
  • Special Education.
  • English as a Second Language (TESL).
  • Crisis Management

Continuing Education Training:

  • Individual  Crisis Intervention and Peer Support.
  • Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation & Cyberstalking Seminar.
  • Critical Incident Stress Conference.

Professional Memberships:

  • OntarioAssociation of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometricians, and Psychotherapists (OACCPP).
  • Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association (C.C.C.C.A.).
  • Evangelical Order of Clinical Pastoral Counsellors (E.O.C.P.C.).

Writing and Publishing:

  • Contributing Editor of the Educational Courier.
  • Being the Parent YOU Want to Be: 12 Communication Skills for Effective Parenting.
  • Pressing Your Own Buttons: How to Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t™.
  • Laser Thinking: Unleashing the Power of Focus.
  • How to Be a Laser-Thinking Master™.
  • Easy Ways for Getting A’s: A Success Guide for Students.
  • Creator, writer, and host of CHEX-TV’s What Did You Do In School Today?


What Others Say

“When I was in need of help through counseling I was directed to Pastor Gary age.

“Pastor Gary was “down to earth” and “real” making it easy for me to open up. He had a way of asking “all the right questions” in a way that helped to quickly get to the root of the problem. So quickly, that I didn’t believe it at first. . . Pastor Gary patiently directed me to resources and tools that helped me to recognize it for myself.

“When I was ready to move forward he provided me with the support and encouragement I needed to make important changes in my life. ‘Thank you, Pastor Gary Page, for generously agreeing to counsel me. You did it with Godly counsel, in a way that was most productive, supportive and enlightening. Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom and for directing me to tools and
resources that helped me to grow into a better person. Thank you for asking me all the right questions and for being so positive and encouraging.’

“Most of all thank you for never giving up on me. I will be forever grateful to the Lord for directing my path to you.”

Ms. S. Berger, Parent

“Gary Page has asked me to provide a reference vis a vis his prospective Internet counseling venture. I am a retired MD (family practise) and child psychiatrist (FRCP) who was a professor at McMaster (Canada) and SUNYAB (USA) medical schools. At the outset I will say that Gary is one of my very best personal friends, but I shall do my level best to tone down any accolades
in his favour and be as objective as possible.

“At core Gary Page is a warm, kindly, empathic and outgoing person. He has translated these basic talents, through rigorous training (M. Ed. and Ph. D.), into all the qualities essential to a successful therapist. In fact, he has gone a good step further by publishing many original observations and recommendations in straightforward and understandable language. Along with some
of his articles, I’ve read one of his smaller books – a down to earth piece on parenting – and its content is redolent with masterful metaphor and simile. His therapeutic approach also is metaphorical which is a sure sign of a good and successful (at least in my books) therapist. But, in addition, Dr. Page is promptly responsive, on the spot, to serious crises. I’ve personally witnessed his actually saving the life of a person dear to my own self (whose name must remain confidential).

“Gary can also be analytic and scholarly. He has read a number of my own papers (published and unpublished) and we’ve spent many a lively hour discussing the abstruse avenues of psychology and sociology. His suggestions (for me) have been (and continue to be) critically perceptive.

“Simply and shortly put, Gary Page is an exceptional man and a top flight therapist. I recommend him to you unequivocally.”

William F. Hogg, MD

“I recommend Gary to those who seek assistance to cope with life’s challenges, or to those who seek to find resources to move on to make a greater contribution to their world. Gary is creative in seeking solutions to the challenges facing all of us. His positive outlook is supported by an energetic commitment to see movement. He is a compassionate listener as he discerns ways in which those he works with can make a positive step in their lives and in the life of the greater community.

“Garyseeks to find ways in which his presence can be an asset to the growth and development of the communities he chooses to be a part of. I recommend Gary’s presence and skills to those who seek assistance to take that positive step.”

–Claire Braun, Pastor

“Gary Page and I have had a professional consultative relationship for over 30 years. I have always found him to be kind, wise, caring and superb at understanding situations from all angles, spoken and implied. Gary Page is an outstanding counselor and I know he will do a superb job at whatever challenge he faces.”

— Judith Gabor, Ph.D., Executive Coach


Book Reviews

Being the Parent You Want to Be: 12 Communication Skills for Effective Parenting

“If you want a very structured approach to developing communication skills, this book can be very helpful. The author outlines twelve communication skills and provides detailed examples and  practice exercises for each. The book also includes an inventory for determining how you parent and how you want to parent.”

— Parent Council®

“You can still be the parent you always dreamed of being. Gary Screaton Page shows you how to reclaim that common sense approach and learn positive communication … straightforward and entertaining.”

Lisa Wroble, Parenting Today’s Teen

“This book demonstrates 12 universal communication skills that help put parents and teachers in charge of problem situations and enable them to establish positive relationships with Students.”

— National Education Association

“This book helps parents identify the parenting style that works best for them. It teaches them how to communicate within their chosen styles and according to their personal values.”

— The Welland Tribune

“This is a helpful guide for parents of children of all ages who feel that they do not have positive relationships with their children.”

Youth Today

“Every parent, teacher, and caregiver, no matter how skillful, has something significant to gain from Gary Page’s insights and recommendations for better communication with children … continuing throughout life. Highly recommended reading.”

Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

“As a mother of four, I have come to realize how challenging parenting can be. The ideas presented by Gary Page in this book promote a healthy foundation for raising children today. It is concise, realistic, easy to follow, and the skills can be customized to suit your individual parenting style. Having used these skills myself, I can attest to their effectiveness and long-term benefits.”

— Carl Ann Weir, Special Needs Co-Ordinator

“Gary Page has captured the communications skills that parents need to create an open dialogue with their children. I’ve used these skills with my teenagers. They really work! My fourteen and seventeen-year-old sons still talk to me and I know it is because of these fabulous skills.”

— Miriam George, Education Consultant

“This book is a ‘must read’ for all parents. I found it contained excellent advice that was simple to follow. It helps and guides through the turbulent times and enhances all areas of the relationship between parents and children.”

— Hazel Bradford, Social Worker

“I learned the skills in this book when I was a teacher in a course by Performance Learning Systems called Project T.E.A.C.H. At the time, I thought that these skills would be really important for parents. I used them with my students at school and my kids at home. They saved my career as a teacher and helped create more harmony in my home. Now I am in another profession and use them on the job! This book is a must read for parents and others who work with children — and the skills can be used with anyone you meet.

– Barbara Eymann, Editor

“As a parent, I would jump in and scold my children every time a problem came up. This created angry arguments and sometimes resentment that lasted for days. Gary Page’s book certainly helped change this response. It offers specific examples and an easy-to-follow communication skills program that a parent can customize to fit their own parenting style. I wish this book had been available years ago.”

Duane Newcomb, Author

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