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Introductory Lesson: The Beginning of Wisdom

To get the full benefit of the Introductory Lesson, first download the Introductory Lesson Manual and the Introductory Lesson Programmed Workbook which follow after the video below. Both are FREE and in PDF format suitable for printing. Alternatively, you can view each on your screen instead. However, I suggest you download them now so you will have hard copies on which to make notes as we go along. The choice is yours.

In This Introductory Lesson You Will Learn:

  1. To use linear-programmed learning.
  2. The 3 ways people affect us.
  3. Our 3 three responses to the behavior of troublesome people.
  4. The 5 most common troublesome behaviors of others.
  5. The meanings of “social stimulus” and “social stimuli” and why  important to know.
  6. To identify and give examples of social stimuli.

Let’s Get Started

Read Me First

Okay, let’s get started. Begin by first viewing the video below. Then, read the Manual. After that, read the Programmed Workbook, making your responses as directed. When you have finished all three, complete the Introductory Lesson Quiz. You cannot move on to the next lesson until you successfully complete the Quiz for this lesson. Now, on to the video. It will teach you the basic concepts behind this course.

FREE Downloadables

To download your FREE copy of the Introductory Lesson Manual, please click here:

Lesson 1 Manual.


Lesson 1 Manual (Christian Edition).

To download your FREE copy of the Introductory Lesson Programmed Workbook, please click here:

Lesson 1 Programmed Workbook.



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