Introductory Lesson Quiz

Think of this and the following quizzes, not as tests, but rather as opportunities to solidify your learning.

Each quiz is a checkup on your knowledge of what you learned in each lesson. Doing these quizzes at the end of each lesson will show you how well you understand the language used in this course and how well you are grasping the concepts you are learning. The quizzes, like the programed learning and other lesson material from which the questions are derived, are the result of much careful research. They form an integral part of the Pressing Your Own Buttons™ course. Doing them will help reinforce your learning.

You must successfully complete each lesson’s quiz before you can move on to the next lesson. You can take each quiz as often as you like. However, you cannot move on to the next quiz until you get all the questions correct. Understanding the concepts covered in each lesson in turn is essential if you are to get the full benefit of this course. That’s why you can keep taking each quiz until you have mastered the concepts covered in the lesson for that quiz.

Please, read each test item carefully before choosing your response. Then choose what you think is the best answer. Only then should you check whether you are correct.

NOTE: There may be more than one correct answer in any given question.

If you choose correctly, you will be directed to the next question. If your response is not the best choice, you will be encouraged to review the related material from the lesson. Then, try the quiz again. Knowing the key ideas in this lesson is import in your understanding of the material that follows in the remaining lessons. When you are able to get all questions correct, you can move on to the next lesson.

Remember, Bronze Members get the Pressing Your Own Buttons Manual, the Pressing Your Own Buttons Programed Workbook, as well as limited access to the PICS (Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills) Forum™, and they also get a FREE subscription to my PICS (Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills) Newsletter™.

If you choose to become a Gold Membership, as you progress to the next lessons, you will also have access to my weekly PICS (Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills) Teleconference. Only Gold Members have access to the teleconferences, the PICS (Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills) Forum™, the PICS (Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills) Newsletter™, FREE ebooks, and other opportunities that will be offered each month.

I want you to succeed. That is why I also want you to be sure that you move on to the next lesson only when you have a solid understanding of the material in this lesson. If you still do not understand why an answer, other than yours, is the best choice, you can join the Forum and ask your questions as well as take part in what other participants are discussing. You may have the answers to some of their questions.

Good luck!
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Introductory Lesson Quiz

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